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"6Octave Matrix Audioscape" | demo track
The World of Merrill Lynch Museum | PDF excerpt
"Drive" | demo track
Real World Barcelona | PDF excerpt
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"AMORE" | demo track
The Arts Van Go - $60K NEA Grant
Kiesendahl & Calhoun Contemporary
"Fire&Water" | demo track
p:914.844.6296 | Camilla Calhoun
"Romantica Complcato" | demo track
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"SKY" | demo track
Crane Street Studios - Web Marketing Plan
"Idontknowanythingaboutmuzac" | demo track
Crane Street Studios - Print Promotion | Marketing
New York University ITP | NYU Fellow
WhiteBox.Org - DVD Promotional
Mark DiSuvero/ Spacetime | Athena Fellow
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Flame - Design An Art & Technology Center
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6Octave Matrix_- Olympia Sculpture Park
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Passage3 - Margalies Warehouse
The Aerosol Museum 5Pointz
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Passage - Delaware Contemporary
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Between, the maker and the made...
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Passage - Delaware Contemporary
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Silence - Delaware Contemporary
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Fire and Water - Cristina Cultural Arts Cener
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Quit Smoking New York - Web Design | Marketing
6Octave Matrix | PDF excerpt
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Melanie Rodriguez V2 - Web Design | Marketing
Crude Independence - Kiesendahl+Calhoun
Crude Independence | PDF excerpt
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Crusafix - LeslieLohman NYC
Passage3 | PDF excerpt
Electric Shutter
Passage2 | PDF excerpt
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Red Rocking Window
Passage | PDF excerpt
Sculpture Intro Interactive Object (3)wk/(3)nt
Passage AV Versions I-V | PDF excerpt
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Sound Sculpture 1
Real World Barcelona | PDF excerpt
N2E Sculpture Professional Practice (6)wk/(6)nt
Sound Sculpture 2
Fire and Water | PDF excerpt
N2E Public Interactive Solar Powered Wifi Sculpture
Metamorphosis of a Bread loaf
N2E Public Int. Solar Pow Wifi Sculpture (P+T Flow)
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N2E Public Int. Solar Pow Wifi Sculpture (121' FP)
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Kiesendahl + Calhoun Contemporary Art
N2E Public Int. Solar Pow Wifi Sculpture (97' FP)
Fire and Water
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