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The Aerosol Museum (TAM) 5Pointz (3) DVD set: DVD (2) Nic1 Areosol History + Culture DVD
The Aerosol Museum Intro
The Aerosol Museum Presentation
TAM: Interactive Floor Plan
TAM: Nic1 Aerosol History
TAM: Cultural Perception



TAM Nic1 The Areosol Culture + History DVD:

Nic1 a lifetime of dedication to the aerosol culture came of age, in the Bronx, New York in the early 1970’s where Nic1’s first exposure was seeing brightly painted subways outside his bedroom window. The subway symbolized a ribbon of life cutting through an otherwise plighted urban environment. This singular moment defined the course of Nic1’s life as he joined the first generation of writers.

In the DVD he talks about his experiences painting trains and the evolution of writing from the 1970’s to the present day. Additionally, his experiences witnessing the writers go to war with the MTA of New York City.  Today, Nic1 is known as “The Godfather” and mentored two more generations of aerosol writers as he has dedicated his life to being an aerosol artist, mentor, and historian.