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The Aerosol Museum (TAM) 5Pointz (3) DVD set: Intro
The Aerosol Museum Intro
The Aerosol Museum Presentation
TAM: Interactive Floor Plan
TAM: Nic1 Aerosol History
TAM: Cultural Perception


Description (post tense):

The first Aerosol Museum in the country is under construction in NYC as hundreds of artists from the 5 boroughs (hence the name 5Pointz), aerosol artists nationally and worldwide participate. “Nic 1” and “Meres” direct The Aerosol Museum 5Pointz.

The Aerosol Museum | TAM (3) DVD set developed developed over the year's details the project, aerosol cultural history and cultural perceptions. The Aerosol Museum | TAM (3) DVD set attempts to illustrate how hip-hop inform's this “living” art form. This is an ongoing project that is constantly evolving.

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"Nic1" (5Pointz co-founder)
"Meres" (5Pointz co-founder)
The Aerosol Museum (TAM) 3 DVD set :

TAM 5Pointz intro "Nic1"+"Meres"

TAM: Interactive Floorplan