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The Aerosol Museum (TAM) 5Pointz (3) DVD set: DVD (3) Cultural Perception (6) video shorts
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Cultural Perception DVD:

Cultural perception plays a large part in what most people determine to be aerosol art and the people that create it. A very limited viewpoint and very limited perspective, where it's mostly seen as a form of vandalism created by wayward by urban youth. Because, I faced many of false projection's in trying to validate this (4)x decades, very misunderstood, urban artform, these shorts "Kills Keep's", "Call 311", and "Meres Perfect Day" focus on the cultural misperceptions of the art form.

The misperception of this art form, is very simular to that of American folk and it's artisan's prior to it being acknowledged by American Cultural institutions now highlighted in American Craft Museum's (such as American Folk Art Museum, SAAM and AVAM). Thus, I feel that it's only a matter of time, before this incredible urban art form becomes fully recognized by America's cultural institutions, as it's predecessors were.

Areosol art, is a global multicultural art form, generated by youth and adult's of every race and gender. This global artform takes shape in elaborate murals that are commontary on pop culture, society, politics and urban life. Areosol art, is the (3)x component of "hip hop" and "rap". Areosol art characteristic's are derived from rap "lyrics" and the "movement's" in Hip Hop.

In short, Areosol art is the visual componant of the urban "life force". This is why it's so important start to acknowledge it, not just dismiss and or destroy it.
(3) of the (6) TAM 5Pointz "Cultural Perception" video documentary shorts (excerpts):
Bloomberg's 311 Initiative July 16,2003
Killa Keeps (excerpt)
Call 311 (excerpt)
Meres Perfect Day (excerpt)