PC CD + IA Des 2004
Flame (Florida Arts and Media Experiment) : Design of an Art + Technology Center for Whitebox.org
Intro: Flame Concept Design
Flame Proposal
Flame Conceptual Mapping


Developing the layout for an arts and technology center in Miami:

I designed Flame for Whitebox.Org http://www.whiteboxny.org/ as it was to be an art and technology center that would had an array of resources available to visiting artists such as technology support, media lab, material and technology resources, appropriate building faculties, a web presence that was interactive, electronic stage and public exhibition space. As well the plan included web integration to increase investment opportunities.

I gave a formal presentation of the concept to a series of investors in New York.

Research used to develope concept:
Michael Naimark Arts lab
  An Arts Lab - Michael Naimark http://www.naimark.net/writing/artslab.html
Rand Foundation "Research in the Arts"
"Museums & New Media" - Susan Morris
Information supplied by the client: Floorplan The design and identity that I mapped out for the Art and Technology Center :



blueprint information
Flame Rough Business Plan