Private Clients Concept + Interactive Design 2004

WBGSP Project

Crane Street Studios

New York City, NY


Description: Web Based global Sponsorship Project

Designed a web architecture to facilitate sponsorship for two organizations Crane Street studios (200 artists building interior) and 5 Pointz (500+ artists on the exterior) and developing Aerosol Museum.

In doing so, I developed a multilevel sponsorship plan based on the changes in cultural funding in the last decade. Furthermore, I devised an optional plan for live web cam interaction between artisans and sponsorship.


about this project

Crane Street web sponsorship plan (with web cam)

Crane Street Studios

New York City, NY


Description: Crane Street Identity and promotional media

I designed an identity for Crane Street Studios incorporating 5Pointz (the exterior aerosol artists) and interior artists.  Utilizing the magnetic synergy 5Pointz has created I shearing the top of the building off as a way to intrigue the public.


  Promotional card Time Out magazine


What is White Box?

New York City, NY



What is White box? Was a collaboration between Cristina Massafra and myself. Cristina Massafra interviewed Juan Puentes of concerning the mission of White box.  It is both a candid and charged interview where Juan shares his insights about the art world and world politics.

What is White Box? (excerpt)

MIami Arts + Media Experiment


New York City, NY

Miami, Fl.

Description: IA design of an art and Technology Center

I was asked to conceptualize a non-profit art and technology center in Miami (via White box gallery NYC). I mapped out a facility geared to multimedia artists, and provide assistive technologies, technologists, engineers and access to the surrounding community.

As well I suggested that the main "composite space" have a live web cam to make the projects being built accessible to the global community. I thought the addition of the live web cam would encourage sponsorship. Flame, was scheduled to be built in Miami, Florida in 2006. I suggested a flame as an identity.

about this project

The mapping of Flame.