Video Documentary: The Aerosol Museum 3DVD Set

5points TAM Intreactive Floorplan DVD (18) video shorts :

The documentary details all sections of the building as well as the subeway trains that loop the building. The video also incorporates contemporary hip hop as its associated the project.

TAM North Wall (excerpt)
"Subway gng north"(excerpt)
"TAM Roof" (excerpt)
(18) " TAM Views "

Aerosol History DVD "Nic1" (1) 47 minute interview:

48 Minute complete history of the areosol community and its relationship with the city of New York as seen through "NIC1" (nominated by VH1 as one of the four most areosol artists).

"Nic 1" (excerpt)
"The Gift"
(1) "47 Minute Interview"

Cultural Perception DVD (6) video shorts:

5 Pointz are a series of shorts that detailed some of the events that occurred in Spring 2005. In some cases they follow the ins and outs of the political struggles that Nic1 and Meer's have to deal with, with the city of New York order to bring the areosol museum into fruition.

"Call 311" (excerpt)
"Killa Keeps" (excerpt)
"Mere's Payback Day" (excerpt)
(6) "Shorts"