Public SP Grants
Arts Van Go A $60,000 National Endowment for the Arts ($20,000 Annual NEA /Special Projects Grant Program)
Mobile Studio
MS dir.
M. dancefloor
M. df ass.
3 Neighborhoods
Citri proj.
C banner
C mural
Kingswood proj.
K mural
LACC proj.
LACC mural
AVG Rec.




Citri: “I got the Power” - Hands mural

Citri requested a mural for its premises. Asked what they were interested in, participating kids said they wanted to make a painting composed of handprints and write lyrics from C+C music factories’ “I’ve got the power”.

Since another aspect of the “Arts Van Go” program was to enhance self-esteem, the subject of this mural seemed fitting. The “I got the Power” mural also best exemplified my personal goals for the Arts Van Go project which was to go into the environment and “make magic happen”.