Public SP Grants
Arts Van Go A $60,000 National Endowment for the Arts ($20,000 Annual NEA /Special Projects Grant Program)
Mobile Studio
MS dir.
M. dancefloor
M. df ass.
3 Neighborhoods
Citri proj.
C banner
C mural
Kingswood proj.
K mural
LACC proj.
LACC mural
AVG Rec.
LACC- Latin American Community Center.
  Citri - Southbridge Community Center.  
Kingswood Community Center.



I developed the Arts Van Go program in 1990 to 1993 funded by an NEA (via Christina Cultural Arts Center in Wilmington, Delaware). Arts Van Go became very popular quickly and served about 360 children and teenagers in the three community centers weekly.  The communities Latin American (LACC), Kingswood and Citri – Southbridge centers. Due to budget reductions in the summer of 1991, the Arts Van lost its literature and dance programs and experienced budget cuts. I am proud to say that despite these restraints, the program’s popularity and community participation accelerated and produced almost 3,300 objects in silkscreen, paintings and sculptures formats.

Missing documentation due to theft in 1992:

In the summer of 1992 Cristina Cultural Arts Center was burglarized and The Arts Van Go lost its 35 mm camera, video camera, videotapes, and a 95% of its documentation. As a result there is no documentation of the literature and dance programs. A fraction of the Arts Van Go arts and craft syllabi remained. Citri - Southbridge was the most complete file.  However, being an NEA grant we keep records of the program.