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Layout of the interior of the “Art’s Van Go” Mobile Studio that I designed and built.

I designed and fabricated this entire mobile arts studio within the 1989 Ford van shown above, building steel equipment racks, a documentation storage compartment for 35 mm and video cameras, a fully portable and collapsible 320 sq. ft. dance floor, and storage rack for it.

Located in front of the rack was a 2’H x 18”D silkscreen rack. The 1.5’H x 1’W x 2’D video box was designed for both storage and passenger seating. The dance floor rack on the right contained ten 8’H x 4”W x 1/2”D dance floor sections (edged in steel and velcro).


The supply racks, dance floor racks and silkscreen racks inside the Art Van Dance Go:

The photograph above shows the supply rack on the left and the 320 sq. ft. collapsible dance floor on the right. The supply rack stored art materials, prefabricated weekly projects, silkscreen rack and literature supplies.

Pictured are the silkscreen racks and the top of the photo/video equipment box.

Dance floor support rack:

The dance floor rack had a support lever that could swivel into locked and unlocked position. The lever was designed to work with gravity so when it was dropped down it would firmly hold the floor in a vertical position.

Additional ratchet straps would increase the pressure of the lever to lock the floor into the rack (this action was similar to how a vice works). Once the floor was firmly locked into position, it was safe for transport.


Floor Tracks and sections:

The base of the dance floor steel storage rack in the van had a series of welded tracks, which allowed each floor section to be easily loaded and unloaded. At the edge of the steel tracks was a series of etched number and letter combinations such as L2, which indicated that this was the location for the second section of the floor on the left hand side.

Installation and removal of all racks systems:

All of the racks were designed to be bolted to the base and sides of the van. They could be easily installed and uninstalled. Floor diagrams posted on the back of the equipment rack detailed this process.