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Arts Van Go A $60,000 National Endowment for the Arts ($20,000 Annual NEA /Special Projects Grant Program)
Mobile Studio
MS dir.
M. dancefloor
M. df ass.
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Citri proj.
C banner
C mural
Kingswood proj.
K mural
LACC proj.
LACC mural
AVG Rec.

Dance floor and various program diagrams:

The dance floor is interchangeable and scalable. The center sections are identical and interchangeable. The end sections are constants. Posted on the interior of the museum dance floor instructions (loading, unloading and assemblage). 

Dancefloor instructions.
 The photograph above shows the entire portable 320 sq. ft. dance floor.
Velcro + steel spacers attached to steel underside.

Interchangeable design of the mobile dance floor and Velcro attachment strips:

The floor consists of ten 8’H x4’W x ½”D sections edged in 3” steel strips and Velcro. The Velcro held the floor together and allowed easy assembly and disassembly. The dance floor was designed with interchangeable center sections to make it variable in size as well as being functional on a variety of surfaces. The photo on the right shows the location of the Velcro strips.

The Interchangable Floor allows for a change in scale. The dance floor at minimal scale with the four end sections attached. When assembled correctly all sections of steel and flooring are flush.