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Silverman: Description Corporate + Media Interests
Description Corporate + Media Interests
Silverman Identity + The New Millennium
Silverman NYC Perf.
Silverman Texas Perf.


New York



New York, NY (42nd. St.) :

Performing on 42nd Street, Silverman became the focus of large crowds and a Channel 41 Univision Network News #1 in NY news camera. A silver pedestal in the middle of the street became a platform for series of poses as my brother became a icon sandwiched between the chaos of car and pedestrian traffic, the MTV and CBS studios, and the entire extravaganza of 42nd Street digital advertising displays.

Silverman posed gracefully and silently in several locations assuming the identity of the environment. A representative of the Panasonic Corporation saw Greg and requested documentation of the project - the company wanted to evaluate the possibility of using Silverman for promotions in connection with their product and the 42nd Street Panasonic video billboard demonstrating their newest miniature DVD players.

As well we were also approached by Vogue magazine and the New York Times (Metro Section) reporter Moynihan as these media sources were could also relate to what we were doing and were interested running stories about "Silverman".

A documentation of the NYC Silverman performance was sent to Japan and reviewed by Panasonic’s board of directors. The board propositioned the usage of the “Silverman concept” center stage for The Consumer Electronics Convention in Los Vegas, Nevada. We declined Panasonic’s offers in order to continue to use Silverman for our own creative purposes. Vanity Fair magazine and The New York Times also approached us.

Ft Worth, Texas:

The concept of Silverman was developed in Texas. The nature images were taken in the Ft. Worth, TX, Botanical Garden. The identity of the character is both seated in a traditional art and social commentary of this region of America. The Ft.Worth /Dallas area has large Baptist community that cultivates a puritanical culture that contributes to a divided community.

Performed for a small group of people the bi product was a series of infrared photographs. When Silverman was performed in New York City, it was reinvented to suit the New York City community and became more about “branding” which is always part of the heartbeat of this incredible city.




Univision Channel 41 NYC