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One: Description
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“One” was a performance in which I, painted half black/half white, was tied to a person painted white on my left and to one painted black on my right.   In the first half of the performance, I used the University of Delaware campus as a stage. We walked for about two miles, confronting viewers and dispensing maps. As we met people, my assistants would mark the exact location on the map and hand it to the viewer. The maps indicated the two-mile walk and asked the question: “Do you know where you are?” The maps also contained promotional information for the second half of the performance.

The photograph shows me walking with my assistants, one of them holding the maps. We distributed many maps on our way to the performance site. As we encountered the participants, we put an “X” on the map with a red marker to show where we had intersected with them.

For the second half of “One”, I walked back and forth through a 7’H x 7’W wooden frame; alternating between painting a 6’ H x 6’ W canvas (accompanied by short-wave radio) and playing a stringed piano back on the other side. The photograph documents the switching sides between the white and black (from light into darkness). As I stepped through the painting frame, I interrupted a laser beam and activated two short wave radios (positioned to my left and right). At the end, the painted canvas was hung revealing the word ‘ONE’. I then, tore the black and white suit off of my body. The performance was a comment on the lightness and darkness of the psyche and how it coexists in the consciousness and how this coexistence is human.

Joseph Cambell once stated “the longest journey is from the heart to the mind”. “ONE” was a commentary on the dualities found in nature and acceptance of duality found within.