Performance Projects
Earthday: Description

Earthday "The Mall", Washington, D.C.

Earthday, Washington, DC - Walking the Mall Photographed in front of the nation’s Capitol building (front view of piece) “Earthday” was a collaboration between Greg Hull and I.  “Earthday” was a three-hour performance/mobile structure that housed a live video camera, a video switcher, two video monitors covered in grass sod, two video decks and a power generator that was hanging from the Earthday structure.

The “Earthday structure” was carried by four of six alternating crew members through a crowd of thousands of people attending the 20th Earthday celebration in Washington, DC.The photograph is a detail of the video surveillance camera mounted on front of the “Earthday structure”.

The surveillance camera monitored the audience. The two video monitors were used to display live video of the audience as well as pre-recorded imagery of the polluted Delaware River. An electronic video switcher was used to alternate every 15 seconds between live and pre-recorded pollution imagery.

During the performance we encountered approximately 3,000 to 4,000 viewers and were documented by several hundred cameras and video cameras. The audience response to “Earthday” was both positive and inquisitive.    “Earthday” was a commentary on the environment as we move into a technical age.  In that we are both responsible for it on its daily demise as well if not careful we could end up with only a technical document of it.