Performance Projects
Choice/Walking on Broken Glass:
The Performance
Video played during performance

The Performance:

Throughout the thirty minute performance, I, as the first performer, walked barefoot through broken safety glass, while wrapping Lisa Crews, the seated performer, to the oversized chair using 4”W x 7’L cotton strips. During the wrapping, the video monitors displayed video images of calm and chaos. The video had a looped sound track that sounded like a heartbeat. Virginia Engelhardt, the second performer, painted red, stood silently between the video monitors holding a pair of three ft. garden shears.

I continued to walk on the glass in circles while wrapped Lisa Crews. Upon Lisa Crew’ mummification, Lisa bit into a blood pack bleeding into the bandages that covered her mouth. The blood pack that the same performer broke (in her mouth) soaked some of the cloth strips. At that point, the video monitors displayed the image of a masked woman speaking in silence. Virginia then began snapping a pair of 3’ ft. shears in sync with the rhythm of the heartbeat. We then ended the performance by cutting the bandages off of and freeing Lisa.

At the end of the performance I separated the soaked bandages and clean bandages. The soaked bandages were placed inside the 8” H x 8” W x 8” D plexiglas box, then I placed a lock on the hasp and handed it to Lisa. Lisa then placed the box on the chair (seat before the cross). At this point the performance culminated.

Performance Concept and Video Imagery:

The video imagery used in choice was a commentary associated with destruction and silence (on a more global rather than personal level). Water was used as both an ongoing metaphor for chaos and calm.  The audio track synced with the video was that of a distorted heartbeat. The heartbeat originated from a pair of gardening shears being opened and closed which we recorded and digitally altered to sound like a heartbeat.