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Romantic Complcato: An Interactive Performance Project (Whittaker+Burch)
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Performance demo
MaxMSP midi control keyboard
MaxMSP Midi Control patch detail + demos
Flying bicycle


Romantic Complcato Performance:

Planned for the performance Liz will ride the 6-wheeled elevated bicycle while doing a narrative about her romantic fantasies. A video screen will be set up behind the bicycle with imagery from NYC accompanied by an audios cape. I will alter and distort the audio and video feeds through the keyboard (via the bike brake leavers).


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Liz Burch:

Assistive concept development, Costume, 28 minute performance narrative and Performance video.

Performance Character: The Narrative Cyclist


Christine Whittaker:

Concept, Stage design, flying bicycle, Interactive keyboard, Video interactivity MaxMSP, concept video trailer and 28 minute audioscape.

Performance Character: Protagonist (Playing the video keyboard altering the video/audio feedinterrupting + complimenting Liz Burch improvisational comical love narrative.)

Romantic Complcato Performance Promo DVD: available upon request