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John Bilodeau of Vistacom


Passage3 Concept:

Using some of the information that I gleaned from Passage and Passage2 I started to design the Passage3 prototype. In 2001 I visited Kew Gardens, England and I was immersed in the density of the floral information I identified rhythms in the floral structures. Being so I documented hundreds of flowers.

In 2002, started working with the floral information at different video frequencies and patterns trying to mimic the patterns I saw in nature. I started with two screens like Passage.  In November 2004 using the same digital files I built three-screen prototype.

In late November I had a studio visit with Marty Margulies and Molly Merkle. I showed Mr. Margulies the passage3 prototype and he immediately responded to the immersive experience with a great amount of enthusiasm. In turn he asked me to design a piece for the Margulies Warehouse (45,000 sq. ft.) in Miami.

To design a public version of Passage3 from the prototype I contacted audiovisual engineer John Bilodeau and Vistacom. The final Passage3 proposal was composed of an internal audiovisual infrastructure, a viewer interactive interface, 16 audiovisual files, (and a Cat5 to allow Passage3 to be reset over the internet) housed in an exoskeleton. The proposal also includes music rights, patents (national and international).

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