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Passage2 under construction in my studio during my Athena fellowship via Spacetime/Mark DiSuvero



The Passage2 Structure:

Again I designed Passage2 on paper in 1996. The basis of the concept is a encircling the participant in a screen that is ellipsoidal rather than two monitors (in a more The chair is suspended by a 30 ft. sectioned 3” aluminum pipe sleeved in broken sections with steel pipe. Mark Di Suveros assistants Kent and Mateo In building and bending the pipe assisted me.

I designed the chair support structure in a sculpturally way to formally be close to nature as the visual are natural. The chair itself was gift from Mark Di Suvero/Kate Levine (commissioner of Cultural Affairs NYC). As well, Mark felt using a chair like this would enhance the viewer experience in automatically being linked to primal psychological/cognitively experience.

The ellipsoidal screen was achieved by using a combination of heavy ½” steel bases, ½” steel rebar, ½” PVC tubing, ¾” pipe and video projection screen. The screen is completely flexible and takes shape according to how the bases are placed (leaving application flexible). The shape is secured by aircraft cable at the top of the structure.  The scale of the screen is 18ft and encompasses field of vision.


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