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Passage2: PUI video feed demos
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P2 PUI Video Feed Demos

In Director MX the size, color of the stage and video is alterable. As well the I have tested the G5 output signal via a HDMI cable, HDMI splitter to (2) Panasonic video projectors short throw to the 18' Passage2 ellipsoid screen wrapping the viewer.

The viewer's motion in the chair given the PUI interface attacked the chair via the accelerometer articulate the axes of the video imagery on the 18' Passage2 ellipsoid screen. These are demonstrations of the above.

Small white and black stage demos:

small stage white (demo) small stage black (demo)


Medium black and blue stage demos:

medium stage black (demo)
medium stage blue (demo)


Large white stage demos:

large stage white1 (demo)
large stage white2 (demo)