Interactive Projects
Passage2: PUI Hardware + Software Demo
P2 Concept
P2 Historical Context
P2 Structure
P2 with Viewer Participant
P2 PUI Hardware + Software Demo
P2 PUI Video Feed Demos
Interactive Video utilizing DirectorMX :  

The electronics were primarily used based on the application on the usage of an accelerometer, a BX-24 chip (programmed in Basic) and serial communication cable runs from the Bx-24 to a Keyspan serial assistant (allowing information to interface with Director MX).

Using Director MX, the video is controlled by the accelerometer’s coordinates (via usage of a Director Mx Serial extra). In Director the video is programmed to run both chronologically and move in correlation with the vertical and horizontal shifting of the accelerometer (in 2 degree increments).  I had special help from Geoth Smith (physical bits) premier programmer and developer of Director MX extras for serial communication.


Shown is the feed from the BX-24 breadboard and accelerometer thru a keyspan serial assistant to (the cpu) Director Mx and altering the video feed.

P2 Circuit
BX-25 and accelerometer
Keyspan serial assistant
P2 Director Prototype Files