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Passage2 Concept :

Originally drafted in 1992, Passage2 is the second version of Passage. Passage2 was built during my duel fellowships with Mark DiSuvero and NYU ITP. As in the first version of Passage I found out what a fantastic experience a participant can have given normal occurrences that happen concerning the brain and audiovisual stimulus. Passage 2 was an attempt to take some of the initial information that I gleaned from the first version of Passage and play with different aspects of perception and equilibrium.

However, instead of relying on a stereophonic approach I decided to try a new more immersive format in an ellipsoidal shaped 180-degree screen. The video rate moves at whatever stated frequency rate I define (in Director MX) and with the application on an accelerometer on the chair dowel rod allows the viewer to alter the coordinates of the projected video image.

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