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Olympic Sculpture Park : 6Octave Matrix Intro (an environmentally interactive sculpture}
Architect Model + Site
Prec. Sensor 2 LCD A/V Display
LCD Display 6 Vid. Switch State Demo
4 PUI Prototypes
Viewer Immersion

6Octave Matrix:

In 2003 during my fellowship with Mark DiSuvero I met with Lisa Corin curator of Olympia Sculpture Park. At the time she was planning the building of the Sculpture Park. She reviewed my work and asked me to think about building a temporary project for the park that dealt with the environment at “35 miles per hour”. I deciphered that as “moves with or interacts with the environment”. She told me to view the models with the Weiss/Manfredi Architectural firm in NYC.

Upon viewing the models I started to have a rough idea of the space I would be working with additionally I obtain site photographs and researched yearly precipitation charts. I determined that one of the best assets of the site was the precipitation and determined that If I could sensor the “rain” and reinterpret it into abstract audio and visual signals it would be both a provocative and immersive experience for the viewer participant. It is from this point that 6Octave Matrix started.

As well I also have thought about pedestrian and vehicle flow through the park, these interactions may also play a part in the final interactive sculpture. Since 2003 I have developed 4 prototypes an elaborate proposal. At this point the park is still under construction due to be complete during 2006. I think that dealing with precipitation it will encourage museum patronage especially on days when precipitation is heavy. In my experience, in dealing with “Socrates Sculpture Park” these are days when patronage is minuscule.

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