Interactive Projects

6Octave Matrix Environmentally Interactive Sculpture

Olympic Sculpture Park

Seattle + NYC

(in progress)

Description: Environmental PUI + Max MSP OpenGl, midi, G5, 6 panel LCD screen proposal & prototypes.

I was asked by Lisa Corrin the curator of Olympic Sculpture Park to design a sculpture that would move at “35 miles an hour”. Upon Lisa Corrin request I followed our meeting visiting the Weiss/Manfredi architects office to view the Olympia Sculpture Park Models (3) year prior to museum construction. 

My interpretation of the models was to design a piece that responded to the environment, the movement of the grounds and researching precipitation in Seattle I thought a good place to start in reinterpreting precipitation auditor ally and visually.

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Romantica Complicato Interactive Performance


(in progress)

Description: Performer PUI + bicycle leavers, roland keyboard midi, G4, MaxMSP as an A/V controller.

A collaborative Interactive performance Romantic Complcato is an almost comedic look at love - collaborative performance project started between Liz Burch and I. After many conversations my listening to Liz talk about her romantic conquests we came up with a concept.

I then developed all of the components, MaxMSP patch, audio and video making it even more elaborate and whimsical, then Liz added more ideas making it more narrative and more fantastical.

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Passage V3

Marty Margulies
Margulies Warehouse

Miami +NYC

Description: Passage V3 PUI + 3 DLP plasma screen a/v immersion proposal & prototypes.

Marty Margalies visited my studio in November 2004 with Molly Merkle (Corpus Cristi Contemporary board emeber).

After Viewing Passage2 and the Passage3 prototype he ask me to develope a concept for Margalies Warehouse in Miami. Passage3 is an immersive audiovisual experience composed of video, music (music licensing), an interactive keypad, combination of video, electronic, interactive and structural details are completed.

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Passage V2


(in progress)


Description: Passage V2 PUI + a swing chair, 2 video proj., 18’ ellipsoid screen.

Passage2 (2rd version) is a video demonstration of Passage2 and how it works. Passage2 is the large-scale interactive, immersive experience where the user is supported by a California tree chair.  The main 4’ structural pole supports a PUI circuit that controls the movement of the video being projected on the 18’ ellipsoidal screen. Concept in 1996, Construction started in 2004 while both an fellow of Mark di Suvero and NYU ITP.

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Passage V1

NYC + London + DE

SUNY Fredonia
Delaware Contemporary

The 1(x) Interactive installation ever exhibited for both.

Description: PUI -65 dec audio swing chair (2) monitors & video that altered brain waves.

Real World Barcelona was a Laurie Anderson, Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno Project. In 1991 after Laurie Anderson viewed my creative folio and former projects she asked me to participate in Real World Barcelona, challenging me to “dream the biggest I ever have”. I submitting (8) large scale, viewer interactive proposals to Laurie Anderson NYC office where she, Peter Gabriel and Michael Morris (creative director of “Real World Records”) reviewed them.  I chose (1) proposal "Flight" and built "Passage" (as a prototype), that exhibited at both the Delaware Contemporary and SUNY Fredonia , gleaned positive viewer participant feedback (caused slower brain waves and stimulated related visual imagery not displayed on monitors).

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(Interactive Video Performance)

National Mall DC

During the 20th celebration of Earthday (20,000 Viewers)


Description: Interactive Video Performance

Earthday concept and built by Greg Hull and I was exhibited 3 hrs while walking the Mall of Washington DC during the 20th anniversary of earthday.  For the performance a crew of eight people dressed in white carried the interactive video structure (2 monitors, 2 video decks, 1 video camera, 1 interactive video switcher and a generator) thought a crowd of thousands.

The interactive video switcher integrated with the video camera mounted on the front of the structure was programmed to send a live video signal of the audience to the 2 monitors mounted in the structure (covered in grass).  The monitors altered between pre-recorded imagery and live footage of the earth day crowd.

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Washington,DC. Walking the Mall
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