Installation Projects
The installation
Interaction with environment
River Model
Ocean model
12'x5' Drawing
Installation diagram


“Silence” simulated two proposed environmental sound sculptures. The installation consisted of two 4.5’H x 3’W x 6’D models of coastal and stream environments, a 5’ H x 12’ W graphite drawing of the coastal landscape, ocean and stream sound recordings from these environments and a bench to sit on.

The white triangular sound structures or “Silence tubes” were composed of two pieces of square tubing converted at a 57° angle. Of the “Silence tubes”, five were represented on the ocean landscape and seven on the river landscape.
Ambient sound occurred within each of the proposed “Silence tubes”. The pitch of the sounds depended on the internal dimensions of the “Silence tube”. Their sizes were varied so that each structure would produce a different pitch. A section of the “Silence tubes” would be removed to allow for pitch alterations with the interactions of ever-changing wind patterns in the environment.