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The plane
Video monitors
Video storyboard
Gun rack & paper airplanes



“Flight” was a 35’ sq. cu. Ft. Multi-media installation that was composed of a 16 ft. wooden lath airplane (raised on a steel stand), two video monitors, and a 4.5’ acrylic stand/steel gun rack loaded with 100 + paper airplanes displaying the text “TO BE FREE”. The two video monitors played synchronized video images.

The 16 ft. lath plane was constructed in four sections. The sections were made of 1/8” H x 1 ½” W wooden strips (pop riveted together) and hardware fabricated of sheet metal.

A harness was attached to the plane at its balance point. The harness locked into slots on the 10 cu. ft. trapezoidal (tubular steel) base. The harness allowed the plane to pivot vertically and move delicately.The plane is fully pivotal but was cabled at an angle for safety reasons.