Installation Projects
Fire & Water
The Installation
Trust, Durability & Faith
Trust (detail)
Durability (detail)
Faith (detail)
Passage (cart)
10’ Isosceles glass triangle (1,000 lbs)

  An installation composed of three 5’Wx 7’H hanging paintings with cages entitles “Trust” (cast in Aluminum), “Faith” (recorded holographic ally) and “Durability” (etched in glass). Each of the words was a component of the cage structures. Each cage served the dual purpose of being both an exhibition element and a protective transport housing for the painting that it was displayed in front of the “Faith” and “Durability” cages were solid units. The “Trust” cage disassembled into two parts, separating the cast word “Trust” from the structure. In the center of the floor was 1,000 lbs. of broken glass forming a 10’ isosceles triangle. Above the glass triangle a 7’ wood/steel spear was suspended. Positioned next to the 1000 lb. Glass triangle was a 4’W x 5’L triangle, steel cart etched with the word “Passage”.