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"Fluorescent Pinwheel Construction/World Translucent to Our Likeness" - Proposal 5: Pinwheel Suspended by I-Beam Proposal
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Proposal 5: Pinwheel Suspended by I-Beam Proposal

The photograph above represented the “Pinwheel Suspended by I-Beam.” Displayed were a description of the project, its mechanical, color and electrical blueprints and sample materials that could be used for the installation.

Drawing detail

Pinwheel Suspended by I-Beam Prototype

Prototype each panel is 1 cu. ft. Each pinwheel is dotted with the color of the opposite adjoining plate(i.e. orange pinwheel on blue-green plate is dotted purple and the adjoining pinwheel on the purple plate is dotted blue-green).

Pinwheel Suspended by I-Beam - Original ink on vellum.
  Pinwheel Suspended by I-Beam - Color schematic blueprint.

Details possible rotation patterns that might develop on the surface as the pinwheels respond to wind patterns.At times the plates could become a sea of movement and color.

The speed of the spin of the pinwheels would also very much depend on the velocity of the winds blowing across the sculpture’s face. Also depicted is the possible rotation pattern of the suspended I- Beam.

  Pinwheel Suspended by I-Beam - Electrical and Operational detailed blueprint.