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"Fluorescent Pinwheel Construction/World Translucent to Our Likeness" - Proposal 1: "Fluorescent Pinwheel Construction"
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Proposal 1: "Fluorescent Pinwheel Construction"

“Fluorescent Pinwheel Construction” Installation:

The “Fluorescent Pinwheel Construction” was a 2,000 sq. ft. participatory, kinetic sound installation. The installation consisted of ten 2’D x 4’Ws boards, striped with fluorescent paint, a hundred and ten pinwheels (fins tipped with fluorescent adhesive dots), two 4’H x 4’W box fans and florescent tape, a BLB 40 Black light and two egg strobe lights accompanied by a computer generated sound tape.

The photographs were taken from interior of the installation, looking into at the 4’H x 4’W box fans and one of the 4’ BLB 40 black lights. The grill guards on the fans were covered with hundreds of fluorescent construction tapes. Pinwheels were attached to the front of the 2’D x 4’Ws boards. As the box fans were activated, the tapes and pinwheels spun. This experience was momentarily interrupted when the egg strobe light flashed, which was every seven seconds. The flashes revealed the installation infrastructure.

The pinwheels were fabricated from non-fluorescent material fluorescent dots were attached to its fins. When the pinwheels spun, the fluorescent dots were the only visible elements. When the pinwheels spun there appeared to be glowing circles moving at different rates. The space, lit only by ultra violet black light, became a rich pattern of moving colors and sounds that perceptually integrated the viewer as they walked through.

The Experience:

Walking through the installation, some of the participants compared their experience to “Being at the ocean” and “Walking through an impressionist painting” or called it “A relaxing and joyful experience”.

The “Fluorescent Pinwheel Construction” induced a slowdown of brainwaves, causing participants to experience a relaxed, meditative state, and a cognitive lapse in time. Below, is a time-lapse photograph of a viewer-participant walking through the installation.