Welcome to CWG LEP Online Educational Program:
Welcome to LEP’s (Life’s Educational Program) On line learning center.  The goal of the online learning center is to bring transformation to your life via your desktop (regular and HD format) I pod, I phone and or cell phone on a daily basis.  Primarily we developed to the LEP program fully mobile so it would be easy to incorporate in your life, where you can have easy acess commuting to and from work, on I phone, I pod or cell phone doing virtually anything. In addition we provide a desktop platform and a HD platform so when you have more focused time.
LEP represents a global population of participants with a singular focus to improve ones life. So to further assist in this process LEP also offers targeted login support groups to offer you a custom fit network of support. At GwC our primary goal is that LEP multi-platform educational program and online support groups collaborate to help bring transformation to your life.
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