Private Clients Concept + Interactive Design 2007

Lincoln Center for the
Performing Arts, Inc.
70 Lincoln Center Plaza

New York, NY


Description: Flash Developer/ Online Video Controller

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.Org contacted me about developing a video controller interface that is both reusable,  could be updated in minutes, points to various fla. Files located on server and has built in detection in case server is busy.  The video controller can be exported out of flash and embedded into any of the Lincoln Center Performance Arts. Org pages. 

The Video Controller can used multiple times has an intro watermark, image and video content with pause, play, stop rewind, fast forward, mute and volume controls.


CwG Foundation

Neale Donald Walsh
& Marion Black

Ashland, OR

Description: Flash Developer/Marketing

I was contacted by Marion Black CEO of GwC foundation in developing an online CwG foundation Educational Program that uses a subscription service to stream video. The video content was defined to display on multiplatform feed (desktop, ipod and cell phone).

The IA design and membership includes educational programs, interactive video courses, bogging, social networks, therapeutic groups, audio and video pod casts and real time video streams. I also produced a seasonal 2007 Xmass + New Year's Card for Marion Black.

IA Chart: Interactive CwG online subscription (demo) | pdf


LIU Brooklyn Campus

Master of Fine Arts in New
Media Art & Performance

Brooklyn, NY



Description: Interactive Performance Syllabi/ Flash Developer demo syllabi

Perforative Technologies was a demo syllabi that I developed in application for a position with with the LIU Brooklyn Campus Perforative technologies is an interactive performance-based merging performance and technology.   The technology could either be physically interactive or visually interactive or extend itself to an interactive prop (outside of the body).  

Perforative Technologies was a demo syllabi includes a definition, historical examples of artists that merge technology and performance, associated research, a syllabus and student example blog. IA Chart: Performative tech, University of L. I. NMA PT (demo) | pdf


5Points | The Aerosol Museum (TAM):


New York, NY


Description: Flash Developer/Marketing

Jonathan Meres Cohen CEO of 5Pointz talked to me about developing a comprehensive website demo 5Points | TAM defining this amazing building dedicated to the "living arts" and its surrounding community (that the NY Times declared "the museum with only walls"). By 2007 Graffiti and rap has evolved over 4 decade’s in the 5 boroughs of NYC to then recognized worldwide Aerosol Art and Hip Hop.

5Points | TAM is the first and only museum world wide dedicated to Aerosol Art attracting thousands of aerosol artists and crews from around the world to showcase there masterworks. Those Aerosol masterworks attract several thousand regional, national and international visitors as well as the media the press (in all forms), Reality TV, video music productions to movie productions. All have one thing in common . IA Chart: 5Points | TAM (demo) | pdf


Kurt Ostergaard

QuitSmokingNewYork |
Manhattan Hypnosis

closed in 2008

New York, NY

Description: Dreamweaver html Developer/Marketing

Kurt Ostergaard of Manhattan Hypnosis contacted about redeveloping his website site with an emphasis on hypnosis to treat smoking addiction. Domain name was chosen as the domain name based on the most common client search. A matchbook was also redesigned as a promotional marketing tool for the website.

Kurt Ostergaard requested that I provide a dreamweaver based site that he could easily update. The site changed many times post my handing it off to Kurt Ostergaard and soon after Manhattan Hypnosis closed in 2008. promo matchbook


Melanie Rodriguez V3

New York, NY


Description: Flash Developer/Marketing

Melanie Rodriguez presented me with a unique problem given she has been working in the scope of public murals and wanted to move more into public projects.  I came up with a site that could help generate revenue for future public projects by marketing various byproducts.  Inspired the 12 years that Melanie's spent teaching in the South Bronx working with adult youth she felt inspired to bringing public focus and positive change into the urban community.

The (4) projects are to take shape in the form of a public mural, public library video and urban mural restoration organization. (1) of the (4) projects is completed, the other (3) are in development and are currently at various stages of conceptual planning and funding, while Melanie is currently obtaining a degree in nursing. Rodriguez Associated Marketing (demo)

| Current Site


Melanie Rodriguez V2

New York, NY


Description: Flash Developer/Marketing

Melanie Rodriguez studied dance in her formative years as well painting and making art in various formats. The Melanie Rodriguez V2 interface was an attempt to combine the lyrical movement found in most all of her artworks as well to introduce (4) public art projects (1) public art work that has been fully developed and (3) partially completed public art-projects that would require further funding to bring into fruition.

As a strategy I introduced to her the idea of developing "byproducts" for all (4) public art projects to help bring the later (3) into fruition. Basically taking an "entrepreneurial approach" to funding public art works rather than grant or government funding. The "byproducts" were developed to be mass produced, affordable to the buyer and as well are used to push Melanie Rodriguez and her concepts as a socially conscious brand.

Angelica Bergamini

New York, NY

Description: Flash Developer/Marketing

Anegelica Bergamini had a unique problem she looking for a way to market fine art aside wearable art.  For the most part the work has strong “sculptural elements” thus I decided to develop a marketing strategy based on that and a split interface where both “Sculpture” and “Body Sculpture” would b equally represented.  It was a very simple interface that was easy to navigate.