Private Clients Concept + Interactive Design 2006

6Octave Matrix Interactive Sculpture Proposal

Olympia Sculpture Park

(in progress since 2003)


Description: Interactive Producer, Audio, Video, Book Promotion and (4) PUI Prototypes.

Olympia Sculpture Park is now in development. I was asked by the museum curator to think about developing a time-based sculpture that would integrate with the environment in a unique way. I came up with 6Octave Matrix that will allow for the viewer to experience precipitation variations in ever changing audiovisual format. Thus an ordinary experience can be reinterpreted in a totally new way.

Additionally, as my experience with Socrates (Mark DiSuvero’s Sculpture Park) is that on rainy days visitation to the park is limited. Being that precipitation is a very active part of the Seattle environment I thought this would be a good place to start with 6Octave Matrix.

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6Octave Matrix3DVD Proposal sleeve
    6OM Video DVD 6OM book + prtotypes CD 6OM audioscape CD

6Octave Matrix Proposal

(1) DVD + (2) CD set

  6OM Video Concept
(4) Video's
Book (excerpt) (86 pg)
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New York City


Description: Flash Developer/Marketing

JR Rainwater contacted me to help her conceptualize an experience based artisan store to be located in lower Manhatten that features on site artisans, fashion expert, barista and misuse.The store focuses on one of a kind artisan made woman’s clothing and jewelry. I developed the content and name.

CrazySexyCool ( fashion flash website demo)



New York City


Description: Flash Developer/Marketing

Urban projects is a collaborative of urban artist working together to mine the inner city for urban gold in the effort to broaden the outside communities understanding of urban plight, urban culture and urban dreams.

I have lent two of my successful urban-based projects to this collaborative project now in development as well as my active participation. This is a flash based site.

UrbanProjects (urban youth organization flash website demo)

Launch UrbanProjects

Melanie Rodriguez V1

New York City


Description: Flash Developer/Marketing

Melanie Rodriguez hired me to revamp her sight to accompany changes in marketing her works as well to build a sight that would offer her space to grow in the new opportunities she is now coming into as a professional.  We decided to change the scope of the site as I started to understand her direction better and came up with a better marketing strategy.

This version was not used.

Current Site

Melanie Rodriguez (artist ethnographic flash website demo)


Phyllis Hammond

East Hampton

New York  


Description: Web Developer

Phyllis Hammond hired me to redevelop her web sight. She works in various size sculpture, public commissions, teaches as well she is the 2002 Officer, First Vice President, Artists Alliance of East Hampton. Phyllis is best known for her contributions to the field of Ceramics. This contains a flash based intro. The site has been altered by Ms. Hammond.

Phyllis Hammond website

Tellulah's of Kansas City

Kansas City


Description: Flash Developer/Marketing

Tellulah's of Kansas City is an awesome jewelry company. Kim Brenner consulted me on revamping her sight to accompany changes in marketing her works, asking me about marketing strategies, building a sight that has a simple user interface, easy for her to maintain, update and offer her space to grow professionally. I consulted her on several strategies and provided her with this mockup website. Rather than go with this “mock up” website she incorporated my design concepts into her existing site.

All images are property of Tellulah's Jewels and are used here solely for the purpose of demonstrating the “mock up” website I created.

Tellulah's Jewels (jeweler flash website demo)


Peter Kirkles


Kent, Conneticut


Description: 3D Animation in Maya

Peter Kirkles asked me to conceptualize a steel chair set for a private client’s pool house in Conneticut.  I drafted out a six-chair set (in Maya) to accompany the relaxed country setting in a playful way.


PKDF Peter Kirkles (6) chair design mock up