PC CD + IA Des 2005
The Aerosol Museum: Cultural Perception DVD
The Aerosol Museum Intro
The Aerosol Museum Presentation
TAM: Floor Plan
TAM: Nic1 Aerosol History
TAM: Cultural Perception

Cultural Perception DVD:

Cultural perception plays a large part in what most people determine to be aerosol art and the people that create it. This is a most limited and daunting perspective it is seen as a form of vandalism that is generated mostly by urban youth. Furthermore it is a multicultural art form generated by youth of every race and gender.

Also the scope of the work extends itself in elaborate murals that house commentary on pop culture, society, politics and urban life. The fluidity of its abstract language matches the lyrics and beats generated in Hip Hop. It is the visual language of urban life “force”. This is why it’s so important to see it for what it is and not just destroy and dismiss it. These shorts focus on the cultural misperceptions of the art form.

3 of the 6 video documentary shorts (excerpts):
Killa Keeps (excerpt)
Call 311 (excerpt)
Meres Payback Day (excerpt)