Private Clients Concept + Interactive Design 2005




Marty Margulies
Margulies Warehouse

Miami, Fl.





Marty Margulies asked me to construct a concept Margulies Warehouse (his 45,000 sq. ft) based on a prototype he experienced in my studio.

Passage3 was the design plan that I submitted for Margulies Warehouse. Passage3 is an interactive and immersive Indoor Interactive 3Panel Plasma Display. The piece being interactive and public will be designed robustly. Being so, I enlisted the help of engineer John Bilodeau and Vistacom.

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Passage3 proposal PDF (excerpt)
Proposal hard copy (front cover)
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Passage 3 DVD 16 Video Demo File
Passage3 Proposal
Passage3 DVD Proposal sleeve

The Aerosol Museum


(3DVD set)


A 3 DVD set documentary to promote the first 5ptz Aerosol Museum in the world. The Aerosol Museum promo 3 DVD set features an interior and exterior interactive floor plan an land plot of the museum and an in depth interview with “Nic1" articulates the history and cultural conflicts in perception of this 40+ year urban art form. “Nic1" one of four writers nominated by VH1 at Hip Hop Honors 2004. Building closed by NYC Dept of Buildings March 2009.

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"Nic1" 2004 VH1 Hip Hop Honors
TAM: "Nic1" The Areosol Culture
TAM: Interactive Floorplan
The Areosol Museum 3DVD sleeve
TAM: Cultural Perception


Lehigh University

Allentown, PA.



Engineer John Bilodeau and Lehigh University researchers contacted me about ways to visualize Nano technology I developed two proposals geared for the general public.

John Bilodeau forwarded me the following information:

In this case, mesh networks share some interesting similarities when viewed from an artistic perspective. The most relevant similarities for the purposes of this discussion, in my opinion, are the way that mesh network topologies look very much like molecular structures when the two are mapped side-by-side.

In a certain sense, if a mesh network were to be deployed with nodal variation as the key element rather than grid pathway redundancy it could be arranged to mimic the structure and subsequent atomic interactions found in a molecule. If this is a workable interpretation of nanotechnology, it can be represented by a multimedia platform meeting the requirements of your vision.

Nano Outdoor hard copy (front cover) Nano Indoor hard copy (front cover)
Nano Outdoor PDF (excerpt) Nano Indoor PDF (excerpt)