PC CD + IA Des 2004
Crane Street Studios: WBGSP (Web Based Global Sponsorship Proposal)
WBGSP Proposal
WBGSP Web Architecture Plan
WBGSP Individual Artist Sponsorship Page (demo)


Due to the culture wars funding for the arts has greatly decreased in America. Arts related programs in K-12 grades have evaporated resulting in a new cultural divide. More and more electronic media and the web seem to be filling the gap. More and more this has become the way patrons visit museums.

In order to developed the WBGSP project did research on findings concerning current funding issues arts, allocating the web, and well how museums are now utilizing the web. More and more the web has become key to the survival of many arts organizations and viewing public.

Initially I consider the scope of the web to help generate interest and possibly sponsorship. From here I devised a plan to enhance Crane Street Studios, 5Pointz and The Aerosol Museums survival. I have made formal presentations of the concept to a private investors in New York City and the project is currently still open for sponsorship.

Research resources :
Rand Foundation "Research in the Arts"
Rockefeller Foundation "New Media Arts New Funding Models" - Pamela Jennings
  "Museums & New Media" - Susan Morris

More about 5Pointz: http://www.5ptz.com/

The WBGSP web architecture (I suggested): Individual artist page(in architecture) with optional web cam: