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Artist: Christine Whittaker Interactive Media + Sculpture


Current projects (in the studio)
Multi-Media Sculpture Folio
Interactive Media Folio
Artist Statement:


The Arts are at a pivotal point in America today as we are entering into the digital age as well the cultural wars of the 1990’s have threatened its very foundation. We are now at a crossroads. The wonderful immersive experience that exists in the arts exists nowhere else.

The most predominant aspect of the arts is that it has the ability to raise the human spirit and captivate the imagination like no other media. It is for that very reason that I continue to create, believe in the arts and mentor others. As well I encourage others to invest in the “arts” experience and contribute to its future. I am honored and excited to be an active part of the continuum of the arts and its contribution to humanity.

Live Web Cam is On /Off today:
Contact: Live Web Cast (availability)
  Sat & Sun 1 - 4pm eastern standard time
Type of Funding Request: Sponsorship/Research with application for a Museum.
  I'm looking for sponsorship matching sponsorship for a project I am currently developing for a museum. The project is due for completion 2006. These matching funds could help me bring this project into fruition.
more about the project
Gallery Representation Request:
  Local (NYC): Represented
  Regional: Represented
  National: Requesting  
  International: Requesting  
  Direct Studio sales: must go thru local gallery