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CW Demo Syllabi
Perforative Technologies



Description: Perforative Technologies (demo syllabi)

Perforative Technologies was a demo syllabi that I developed in application for a position with with the LIU Brooklyn Campus Perforative technologies is an interactive performance-based merging performance and technology.   The technology could either be physically interactive or visually interactive or extend itself to an interactive prop (outside of the body).  

Perforative Technologies was a demo syllabi includes a definition, historical examples of artists that merge technology and performance, associated research, a syllabus and student example blog.

IA Chart: Performative tech, University of L. I. NMA PT (demo) |

Syllabi: Performative technologies


Brooklyn, NY

Intro to MIG or MS/Sculpture Intro Interactive Object

CW Syllabi 2009 - 2011
(22) Classes



Description: CW Syllabi Sculpture Intro/Interactive Object

This is an entry level class to glean knowledge and usage of the metal shop. It is a 3wk/9hr intensive where at introduction the student will become familiar with the function of every tool on the shop floor followed by the distribution of (4) different profiles of 20' of steel given the challenge of building an 1' interactive sculpture . During the class the students will learn how to use all types of metal hand tools, marking and quick building techniques and participate in the proper and safe usage of the welding and cutting systems .

In direct response to the large amount of class email questions concerning general and specific information, tools. processes, finishes and distributers I developed the class html. As a result of taking the class the students produced a variety of interesting and provocative physically interactive sculptures as well many verified they had a great time learning the processes, utilizing the class html and felt confident about going on to produce projects independently

Brooklyn, NY

Sculpture Advanced Interactive + Kinetic

CW Syllabi 2011 (1) Class Pitched (3)x


Description: CW Syllabi Sculpture Advanced Interactive + Kinetic

For the class I suggest the student plan to build a working prototype of there final vision in order to learn the basics of the process. The class html outlines this process starting with open source research links (inc how to file a patent), ordering parts, building (3D design and build processes) and funding (via orgs like Kickstarter its possible to take a prototypes and mass produce and sell it).

This class is very exciting because it brings students together from many different knowledge levels in technology, science and the arts (much like my experience at NYU ITP ). All the students that really apply themselves will glean the process of how to develop an idea in technology and hopefully get it to the level of funding.

Brooklyn, NY

N2 the Env. MARP - Sculpture Professional Practice

CW Project/Syllabi Dev.
2010 to 2011 Pitched (3)x

Description: CW Syllabi N2 the Environment/MARP Professional Practice

N2 the Environment/MARP Sculpture Professional Practice is a 8wk/24hr professional practice intensive that gives the student the unique opportunity to meet with a Brooklyn business owner, negotiate a sculpture, the professional development of a 3D proposal, and the build and installation of a sculpture to the business owners site. MARP provides the bridge between the student and the MARP business owner.

Once installed MARP provides advertising, promotions and a brochure (denoting the locations of the works). If the work sells the student obtains 100% commission (most galleries retain 40% to 60% of sales) . This is a unique opportunity to learn about art negotiations, making a proposal, building, installing and commission sales. There are (8) outside work days.

Brooklyn, NY

N2 the Env. -
Public Interactive Sculpture + NYC Art in the Parks + Prospect Park Allience

CW Project/Syllabi Dev. 2009 to 2010 Phase I (SP6BB) + II (SP6WIFIBB) NYCP + PPA 1/11 resubmit

2010 (1) Class night

Description: CW Syllabi N2 the Environment Phase I (SP6BB) + II (SP6WIFIBB) Public Interactive Solar Powered WIFI Sculpture Intro:

The project design evolved from a (6) unit analogue FM radio solar powered project into a (6) unit wifi boom box solar powered project (SP6WIFIBB) with a public interactive component. The upgrade was due to a request from Prospect Park Alliance/NYCP and proposed for the Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park. The (1) 2010 class occurred 6 weeks post the unexpected design change order and the focus of the class and first syllabi was transitionary till (SP6WIFIBB) design and funding was in place (3rdward did not contribute fiscally to this project).

In response the class evolved from a (1)x 8 (wk) section to a (2)x 8 (wk) section and the project cost tripled. To meet the (SP6WIFIBB) design criteria required an increase in (5) technologists, (3) engineers and (3) donation venders. In addition more capitol.

Phase I (SP6BB) + II (SP6WIFIBB) PP Site Proj. + Detail links 1 2 3 4

Brooklyn, NY

CW Project/Syllabi Dev. 2010 to 2012 Phase II (SP6WIFIBB) & NYCP + PPA 1/11 & 1/12 resubmit

( project went on hiatus with the death of lead local 3 master electrician Joi Beard)

Description: CW Syllabi N2 the Environment Phase II (SP6WIFIBB) Public Interactive Sculpture (SP6WIFIBB) & NYCP + PPA 1/11 & 1/12 resubmit :

Solar Powered (6) unit wifi boom box (SP6WIFIBB) closed class syllabi was a full archive of (2) years evolution of both Phase I (SP6BB) + II (SP6WIFIBB) in my collaborations with (3) engineers and (5) technologists. Starting with the original (4) December 2009 Phase I (SP6BB) proposals (3) sub formats, 3D CAD designs, visuals, descriptions and fiscal budgets. All of the materials submitted to NYC Art in the Parks then to (4) Brooklyn parks and accepted by Prospect Park Board Alliance (PPA) in August 2010. Upon review of (SPBB) I was asked by (PPA) to upgrade the FM analogue format to wifi streaming, which increased the solar power design and that the steel sturctures. Of which I was asked to provide verified structural/mechanical engineering proofs and drawings.

I researched (3) audio platforms (sirius , MPeg3 and wifi) and found wifi the most stable per the demands of the environment. I then developed Phase II : a Solar Powered (6) unit wifi boom box version (SP6WIFIBB), I resubmitted (SP6WIFIBB) to the NYC Art in the Parks (2) formats a (3) & (7) day solar power design in February 2011. The (3) day power system was accepted with a change order which increased the project budget, donations and engineering incidentals. However the 2011 NYC Parks season was full which moved the project for resubmit to 1/12.

In 11/11 during the final stage of design while coordinating with Joi Beard the lead local 3 electrician on the project was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer the project was put on hiatus missing the 1/12 re-submittal deadline. Joi Beard died in 5/2012.

Phase I (SP6BB) + II (SP6WIFIBB) PP Site Proj. + Detail links 1 2 3 4
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Brooklyn, NY

Project Dev. 2009 - 2012
N2 the Env.
Public Interactive Sculpture + (5) technologists + (3) engineer

Administrative log in

Description: CW Syllabi SP6WIFIBB Administrative log in only

This log is exclusively open only to the 3rdward administration, NYC Parks Dept. Art in the Parks, the (3) engineers and (5) technologists that are involved in this project I can provide (or re provide) the log in and pass code.

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Description: Whittaker Teaching & Administrative Folio

My entire administrative and teaching archive, including the Arts Van Go $60K NEA Special Projects Grant. Email me and indicate the nature of your inquiry and I will provide you with the log in and pass code access.

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