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CW Syllabi (developed and proposed 2x) 2009 to 2012 : N2 the Env. SP6BB + SP6WIFIBB Public Interactive Solar Powered Wifi Sculpture | 3W (8)wk/ (8)nt. 2 Section Class (Introduction).
Contact: I or J Perelmuter (3rdward education director)
  My email & contact information.pdf  
  J Perelmuter
N2 the Environment 8 week class syllabi:
  N2 the Environment 8 week class syllabi.pdf
  N2 the Envir. top, front & side view.pdf
  N2 the Environment 3 sentance description.pdf
N2 the Environment 8 week class support:
  Intro 2 Metal Shop tools manual.pdf (description all tools in 3rdward metal shop )
  Google Sketch Up 3D Cad Software (free download) (Stud. no prior Sketch Up experience)
  Student email list
Art in public Places, Sculpture Parks and Museum Sculpture Collections:
Steel Technology research htmls and pdfs (full metal shop binder):
welding, safety, cutting technology info & manuals and all welders online welding/amperage calculator :
Technology binders with J. Perelmuter.
  welding & cutting safety weld & cut safety quick guide
  welding eye safety Lens shade selecter guide
  AC/DC or Stick/Miller (SMAW) AC/DC Stick (SMAW) handbook
  AC/DC or Stick/Miller (SMAW) welding hints & tips AC/DC Stick (SMAW) welding hints & tips
  AC/DC -Stick (SMAW)/Miller online welding calculator AC/DC Stick (SMAW) amperage chart
MIG/Miller (GMAW) | (see MIG manual & video Library)
MIG (GMAW) handbook
  MIG/Miller (GMAW) welding hints & tips MIG (GMAW) welding hints & tips
  MIG/Miller Basics (GMAW)  
  MIG/Miller (GMAW)/Miller online welding cal. solid wire MIG (GMAW) steel s.w. (22G to 1/2)
  MIG/Miller (GMAW)/Miller online welding cal. flux core MIG (GMAW) steel f.c. (3/32 to 5/8)  
  TIG/ Miller (GTAW) | (see TIG manual & video library) TIG (GTAW) handbook (89 pages)  
  TIG/Miller (GTAW) welding hints & tips TIG (GTAW) welding hints & tips  
  TIG/ Miller (GTAW)/Miller online welding calculator    
  TIG/additional online welding calculator    
  Miller online welding/amp. calculator (all welders)    
  Plasma cutter/Miller (see video library) Plasma cutting tips  
  Oxygen /Acetylene Victor torch cut &weld Oxy/Act cut & weld English handbook  
    Oxy/Act cut & weld French handbook  
    Oxy/Act cut & weld Spanish handbook  
sheet metal/steel gauges:
  Sheet Metal Gauge Sizes (Steel Sheets & Tubing) Sheet Metal Gauge Sizes  
how steel is made and all form types (material descriptions, specification sheets and typical application):
desc., appl., spec., and typical applications:
  how steel is made @ 9.000 degrees (video):    
  angle angle specs  
  channel channel specs  
  flat bar flat bar specs  
  ground flat bar ground flat bar specs  
  hexigon hexigon specs  
  plate plate specs  
  rectangular tube rectangular tube specs  
  round stock round stock specs  
  round pipe round pipe specs | telescoping  
  round tube round tube specs  
  sheets sheets specs  
  square square specs  
  square tube square tube specs | telescoping  
  threaded rod threaded rod specs  
steel suppliers:
  Rapid Steel (Lower LIC Queens/Brooklyn Border) Rapid Steel Contact & Info  
  Eastern Steel (Middle Brooklyn) Eastern Steel Contact & Info  
  Skorr Steel ( Bushwick Brooklyn) Skorr map & contact (cad & plasma cut spec.)  
  Lowes (BoCoCa / Red Hook) Lowes Contact & Info  
  Speedy Metals (Most comprehensive/free shipping)    
welding accesories:
  liberty Gas (best & most knowlegable NYC weld sup.) Liberty Gas Contact & Info  
marking steel, precision mensuration & layout tools:
  Marking Steel with Soap Stone & Silver Sharpie Marking Steel  
  Precision Mensuration & Layout Tools Precision Mens. & Layout Tools  
  Drilling Holes Scribing & Automatic Punch for Drilling Scribing for hole drilling  
sheet metal/steel bending:
  Metal Bending Definitions Metal Bending Def. & Formulas  
  Metal Bending Formulas    
  Sheet Metal Bend Equations and Calculations SM Bend Equations and Calculations  
    Metal Bending (more detailed)  
  Sheet Metal Bend Line to Mold Line Formula SM Bend Line to Mold Line Formula  
  Online Sheet Metal Bend Line Calculator    
  How to Calculate Bend Allowance for Your Press Brake SM Calculate Bend for Press Brake  
  Online Bend Calculator    
metal work unlimited
  Metalwork (all kinds of resource information)    
  Metalwork (Manuals, Tables & Schematics)    
  drill rpm (all metals)    
  drill speed, thread size ,tap & die chart etc..    
    drill speed all types & mat.  
    drill speed carbide bit chart  
    Tap, drill, die & speed chart  
All Bolts | astm, sae, & iso grade markings & mechanical properties for steel fasteners :
  All Bolts | astm, sae, & iso grade markings & mech.    
grinding, cut off and finishing discs (systems):
  Sait grinding & cut off wheels (excellant quality) Sait abrasive & cut off wheels catalog 2008  
  Sait Type 27 A24R 1/8" Cut-Off discs (ch ur grinder)    
  Sait Type 27 A24R 1/4" Grinding discs (ch ur grinder)    
  Walter flap disc distributers (I order 80 grit)    
  Walter all finishes and abrasives catalogues Walter 2010 full abrasives cat. desc.  
Walter / Grinding
Depressed center grinding wheels  
Walter / Blending
Flexcut flex grinding wheels  
Walter / Brushing
Saucer cup brushes  
Wire cup brushes  
Walter / Finishing
Blendex non-woven abrasives  
    Circular finishing system  
    Line finishing system  
    Twist finishing system  
  flap wheels /Waler (video)    
  fiber disc + rubber backing (video)    
  pneumatic (air) sander + foam disc back (video)    
patinas & metal finishes (applied via oxy/act rosebud tip & patina chemicals)
  Patina finishes, sealers & supplies    
  Patina demo (video)    
  Butchers Boston Polish (amber paste wax)    
Proposals (all related research conducted, information, findings & products):
Art N2 the Environment solar power system
  Kyocera KC40T 40W 12V Solar Panel with J-Box - 1 to 50 Watt Solar Panels @ AltE
  Universal Ub12260 12V, 26Ah (20Hr) Sealed Agm - Batteries: Sealed Agm @ AltE  
  Tyco PV Grounding Assembly, 6-8 AWG Solid - Grounding and Wiring Accessories @ AltE  
  Burndy Products TP10-10F 12-10 Fork Lug (QTY 1) - Grounding and Wiring Accessories @ AltE  
  USE-2/RHW-2 10 AWG 1 Conductor, PER FOOT - Wire By The Foot @ AltE  
  1/2" Strain Relief with 1 Round Hole - Grounding and Wiring Accessories @ AltE  
  Midnite Solar BabyBox 4 Slot AC or DC Breaker Panel - AC and/or DC @ AltE  
  6 Amp Din Rail Mount Breaker - Circuit Breakers @ AltE  
  Solsum 6.6C 6A 12/24V Charge Controller - Solar Charge Controllers @ AltE  
  RAB 12V motion sensor switch, DC automatic switches  
Art N2 the Environment boom box
  Sony ZS H10CP Boombox  
Art N2 theArt N2 the Environment structure ( pipes, elec., equipment housing, concrete& Inst rentals)
  Rapid Steel  
  Steel Pipes Dimensions - ANSI Schedule 40  
  Shop AIR VENT INC. 16" x 4" Undereave Vent at  
  Shop Steelworks Weldable Expanded Sheet 1/2 x 12 x 24 18 Gauge at  
  Liberty Gas and Welding Supply, Inc. (welding supplies)  
  Sait 4-1/2" x 1/4" x 7/8" Grinding Disc (25 Wheels) at Arizona Tools  
  Sait Steel Cutting Wheel - 4 1/2" X 3/32" A24R Type 27 Depressed Center Wheel  
  Product Amount Calculators : How Much Do You Need? : Projects :  
  Shop Task Force 5 x 2 Margin Trowel at  
  The Home Depot Tool Rental - Two-Man Hand-Held Hole Digger (just and example could not rent it)  
  Shop True Temper 6 Cu. Ft. Steel Wheelbarrow at Error 500 - We are having a problem with our server  
  Shop Truper Post Hole Digger at  
  uhaul brooklyn ny - Google Maps  
Art N2 the Environment NYC Cultural Radio Stations
  New York Radio Stations - FM Stations Listed by Frequency  
  Irish Radio Network Audiovisual Productions Broadcasting New York City  
  La Que Buena 92.7 FM  
  Some Latino Radio Stations NYC & NJ - The NYC Puerto Rican Culture Meetup (New York, NY) -  
  Best of Jamaica in New York 2009 Winners (Jamaica)  
  Chinese Radio Stations in New York  
  Internet Radio Stations Online with Free Radio. Instantly Listen to Music Online + News, Talk, Sports...  
NYC Dept. of Parks & Rec.
  Art in the Parks Current Exhibitions : New York City Department of Parks & Recreation  
  Art & Antiquities : New York City Department of Parks & Recreation  
  Google Maps NYC Parks dept UN Park Location  
Public Arts Funds
  Public Art Fund - Home Page  
  In the Public Realm | Public Art Fund  
Solar power recomended resources
  Solar One » Contact Us  
  Solar Panels, Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Panels DIY Solar Panels & Renewable Energy @ AltE Store  
  PowerFilm | Home  
  code, circuits, & construction  
Solar power system research & videos
  Solar Energy Technologies Program: Solar History Timeline: 1767-1891  
  Social Sound Design is a Q&A site for Sound Designers  
  GLREA: Articles: How Do Solar Panels Work?  
  Solar Panel System Calculators & Load Calculator - AltE  
  Volts Watts Amps Converter Tool Calculator  
  Batteries = watts - voltage  
  Harbor Freight Tools - 45 Watt Solar Panel Kit  
  Custom Bulk PDF Download for Solar power supply and battery charging circuit  
  First Solar Powered Radio 1958 (video)  
  My battery free radio good video freeplay old unit (video)  
  Solar Ultra mobile PC. How-To. Pt1 of 2 (video)  
  Solar Ultra mobile PC. How-To. Pt2 of 2 (video)  
  mobile power system set up example (video)  
  How To: Convert A Radio To Solar Power (video)  
  convert a radio to a Solar Powered Radio (video)  
  Solar Panel Testing - AltE Video Tip (video)  
Green Documentaries
  Design: e2 - Green for All  
  Design: e2 - Gray to Green  
  Design: e2 - China: From Red to Green  
  Design: e2 - The Green Machine  
Solar panels & power systems
  Facts About Choosing Alternative Energy Components  
  Voltaic DIY Solar | Charge Car Batteries with a Voltaic 15 Watt panel  
  Portable Solar Power System  
  Cheap solar panel setup to run a small boombox about 9-12V DC? | Ask MetaFilter  
  Solar Power Supply System - Research List  
  Shenzhen $? solar home energy system Panal + battery + radio (encased safely)  
  7 Amp Charge Controller  
  Brunton Solar Controller Battery Charge Monitor  
  Solar Converters Charge Controllers - DIY Solar Panels & Renewable Energy @ AltE Store  
Solar panel support structure example
  IronRidge Uni-Sp/01A Side-Of-Pole W/27" Support - Side Of Pole @ AltE  
Rab Sensors (Rab is the best and most robust sensor for this outdoor long term application)
  RAB 12V motion sensor switch, DC holds for 5 sec. to 20 min. after motion stops  
  RAB LIGHTING - STEALTH 110 & 200  
Solar motion sensor PIR switches
  PIR Sensors - Electronics  
  PIR Sensor Circuits - Electronics  
  Long-duration solar-powered wireless sensor networks  
  Sensor Switch, Inc.  
  motion sensor solar light (solar)  
  PIR Sensor (video)  
  Installing PIR (Motion Sensor) for Response Wireless Alarms (video)  
  Arduino playground - PIRsense  
Solar powered sensor light (set up for a light power draw, have short time limits of usage & mixed reviews)
  Solar Halogen Motion Light, Rectangle - 40220 - Smarthome  
  Solar LED Motion Light, Round - 40221 - 4 min when act.  
  Solar Powered Motion Sensor Outdoor Light - White - Smarthome  
  Buy at Smarthome - Solar & Energy Savers - Solar Products  
  Maxsa Innovations 40235 Motion-Activated LED Wedge Light - Smarthome  
Solar power system breather housing & perforated steel
  Shop Frost King Heat and Air Deflector at  
  Architectural Grille  
  Architectural Grille  
  Perforated Metal, Aluminum Sheet, Perforated Stainless Steel Sheets  
  Jayne Industries  
  McNICHOLS Company - Support  
  precision metal fabricators  
Boom Boxes 2 modify 4 solar power system ( Sony ZS H10CP 15W lowest , dig, robust, gd sound & hackable
  Sony ZS H10CP Boombox  
  Milwaukee 49-24-0280 V28 28-Volt Lithium-Ion Job Site Radio: Home Improvement  
  DEWALT DC011 Combination Worksite Radio and 7.2-Volt to 18-Volt Pod Style Battery Charger  
  Power Tools - Radios - M12™ Radio  
  Milwaukee 2590-20 M12 12-Volt Cordless Radio for sale at  
  Makita BMR100W 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless FM/AM Job Site Radio  
  Hummer Emergency Radio: Sports & Outdoors  
  HUMMER Emergency Radio with Removable Flashlight: Sports & Outdoors  
Sirius satellight (will need a subscription, receiver, amplifier and speaker system or boom box)
  SIRIUS Plug and Play | TSS-Radio  
  SIRIUS Boomboxes & Speakers | TSS-Radio  
  SIRIUS Outdoor Home Antenna  
  Sirius Satellite Radio | Sirius XM Radio | Sirius Radio Accessories | Sirius Car - Sirius Antennas  
  Home Installation Accessories | TSS-Radio  
  Professional Motorcycle Install Kit SIRPMK1  
  Sirius SUBX2 Universal Boombox for compatible Plug & Play Receivers in XM and Sirius Satellite Radio  
Solar Mini Radios (DAB is only LP + digital but will need physical amp. not sure how robust not outdoors)
  Roberts solarDAB - Digital - once fully charged 27hr - $82 pd  
  Roberts solarDAB  
  Roberts solarDAB Video Review - Trusted Reviews  
  kaito Mod: KA500 Voyager - analogue , ext. ant. tilt sol. p. - dir. sun = power $65  
  Voyager RichardSolo JM020 - analogue , ext. ant. tilt sol. p. - dir. sun = power $59  
  kaito Mod: KA008 - analogue - 12hrs 6-8 hrs $26  
  kaito Mod: KA007 analogue - 12  
  Kaito Solar Powered Radio KA007 analogue  
  Kaito AN-03L - Radio antenna - $13  
  Freeplay Summit mod.:AD-022-AUS-40-FO digital, ext. ant. - $67  
  Freeplay Energy WB 2009 analogue - dir. play cont. charge 25 hr analoge - $80 Freeplay Ranger AM/FM Small Radio - Blue (BB-024-AUS-00-FO): Electronics  
  Solar Tronics Solar Powered Radio, 72-5660 - analogue - 35 to 40 ch. $23  
  SORBO, 072429 - analogue - 35 to 40 ch. $20  
  best solar radio  
Solar Mini Radios clear domes (some sort of cover will be needed for the solar panel @ top of tower)
  Kit Kraft inc., Acrylic Domes and display boxes, Hemispheres and Ellipses, Elipses, 5" Clear Ellipse  
Solar mini radios motion sensor 2 hack
  Solar Powered Motion Activated Security Halogen Light, 30 Watt - Smarthome  
Solar panels from garden lights
  Solar Light  
  How to Choose Outdoor Solar-Powered Lights : Planet Green  
Solar Mini Radios physical amplifiers (the types of shapes prefabricated to alter) Joyce Chen Nonstick Steel Dome Lid for 12 Inch Wok: Kitchen & Dining  
  Joyce Chen Nonstick Steel Dome Lid for 12 Inch - Find Products - Compare Prices - Shop at mySimon  
  steel pipes nyc - Google Search  
  Steel Pipes Dimensions - ANSI Schedule 40  
  Davidson Pipe Supply  
Sono tubes & concrete
  Dig Safely NY  
  A H Harris Brooklyn New York  
  U-Cart Trailer Haul and U-Cart of America System Service  
  United Rentals Concrete & Masonry Equipment  
  Product Calculators | Sakrete  
  SONOTUBE® Concrete Forms, SONOVOID® Concrete Voids & BlastMaster™ Blasting Tubes  
  Quik-Tube, Quick Tube, Sono-Tubes, Setting Posts, Building Form, Forms by Quikrete  
  How to Pour Concrete |  
  Deck Footings | Homeowner's Blog  
  YouTube - Portable Hole Digging Safety and Operational Information  
Tool Rentals
  Extech Industries Inc, 4387 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11101  
  United Rentals NYC Locations