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CW Syllabi: Sculpture Intro (Interactive Object) | 3W 2009 to 2011 classes: Intro to MIG + MS (3)wk/(3)nt. (taught 1 section)
Contact: I or J Perelmuter (3rdward education director)
  My email & contact information.pdf
  J Perelmuter
Intro to MS + Sculpture Interactive Object 3wk/night class syllabus:
  Sculpture Interactive object.pdf
  Sculpture Interactive object top, front & side view.pdf
  Sculpture Interactive Object 3nd night welding demo
Get inspired :
Mark diSuvero Millenium Park (video)
    Alexander Calder circus 1 (video)
    Alexander Calder circus 2 (video)
    Alexander Calder Mobile (video)
Intro to the Metal Shop 3 class syllabus supports:
  Intro 2 Metal Shop tools manual.pdf (description all tools in 3rdward metal shop)
  Google Sketch Up 3D Cad Software (free download) (Stud. no prior Sketch Up experience)
  Student email list  
Both 3rdWard Intro 2 Metal Shop & MIG Welding Student Archive
  Intro 2 MIG & Metal Shop student demo high level.pdf (no prior experience with steel)
  Intro 2 MIG & Metal Shop student demo mid level.pdf
(no prior experience with steel)
  Intro 2 MIG & Metal Shop student demo low level.pdf (no prior experience with steel)
  Intro 2 MIG & Metal Shop Interactive Object.pdf (my demo for limited time frame)  
Steel Technology research htmls and pdfs (full metal shop binder):
welding, safety, cutting technology info & manuals and all welders online welding/amperage calculator :
Technology binders with J. Perelmuter.
  welding & cutting safety weld & cut safety quick guide
  welding eye safety Lens shade selecter guide
  AC/DC or Stick/Miller (SMAW) AC/DC Stick (SMAW) handbook
  AC/DC or Stick/Miller (SMAW) welding hints & tips AC/DC Stick (SMAW) welding hints & tips
  AC/DC -Stick (SMAW)/Miller online welding calculator AC/DC Stick (SMAW) amperage chart
MIG/Miller (GMAW) | (see MIG manual & video Library)
MIG (GMAW) handbook
  MIG/Miller (GMAW) welding hints & tips MIG (GMAW) welding hints & tips
  MIG/Miller Basics (GMAW)  
  MIG/Miller (GMAW)/Miller online welding cal. solid wire MIG (GMAW) steel s.w. (22G to 1/2)
  MIG/Miller (GMAW)/Miller online welding cal. flux core MIG (GMAW) steel f.c. (3/32 to 5/8)  
  TIG/ Miller (GTAW) | (see TIG manual & video library) TIG (GTAW) handbook (89 pages)  
  TIG/Miller (GTAW) welding hints & tips TIG (GTAW) welding hints & tips  
  TIG/ Miller (GTAW)/Miller online welding calculator    
  TIG/additional online welding calculator    
  Miller online welding/amp. calculator (all welders)    
  Plasma cutter/Miller (see video library) Plasma cutting tips  
  Oxygen /Acetylene Victor torch cut &weld Oxy/Act cut & weld English handbook  
    Oxy/Act cut & weld French handbook  
    Oxy/Act cut & weld Spanish handbook  
sheet metal/steel gauges:
  Sheet Metal Gauge Sizes (Steel Sheets & Tubing) Sheet Metal Gauge Sizes  
how steel is made and all form types (material descriptions, specification sheets and typical application):
desc., appl., spec., and typical applications:
  how steel is made @ 9.000 degrees (video):    
  angle angle specs  
  channel channel specs  
  flat bar flat bar specs  
  ground flat bar ground flat bar specs  
  hexigon hexigon specs  
  plate plate specs  
  rectangular tube rectangular tube specs  
  round stock round stock specs  
  round pipe round pipe specs | telescoping  
  round tube round tube specs  
  sheets sheets specs  
  square square specs  
  square tube square tube specs | telescoping  
  threaded rod threaded rod specs  
steel suppliers:
  Rapid Steel (Lower LIC Queens/Brooklyn Border) Rapid Steel Contact & Info  
  Eastern Steel (Middle Brooklyn) Eastern Steel Contact & Info  
  Skorr Steel ( Bushwick Brooklyn) Skorr map & contact (cad & plasma cut spec.)  
  Lowes (BoCoCa / Red Hook) Lowes Contact & Info  
  Speedy Metals (Most comprehensive/free shipping)    
welding accesories:
  liberty Gas (best & most knowlegable NYC weld sup.) Liberty Gas Contact & Info  
marking steel, precision mensuration & layout tools:
  Marking Steel with Soap Stone & Silver Sharpie Marking Steel  
  Precision Mensuration & Layout Tools Precision Mens. & Layout Tools  
  Drilling Holes Scribing & Automatic Punch for Drilling Scribing for hole drilling  
sheet metal/steel bending:
  Metal Bending Definitions Metal Bending Def. & Formulas  
  Metal Bending Formulas    
  Sheet Metal Bend Equations and Calculations SM Bend Equations and Calculations  
    Metal Bending (more detailed)  
  Sheet Metal Bend Line to Mold Line Formula SM Bend Line to Mold Line Formula  
  Online Sheet Metal Bend Line Calculator    
  How to Calculate Bend Allowance for Your Press Brake SM Calculate Bend for Press Brake  
  Online Bend Calculator    
metal work unlimited
  Metalwork (all kinds of resource information)    
  Metalwork (Manuals, Tables & Schematics)    
  drill rpm (all metals)    
  drill speed, thread size ,tap & die chart etc..    
    drill speed all types & mat.  
    drill speed carbide bit chart  
    Tap, drill, die & speed chart  
All Bolts | astm, sae, & iso grade markings & mechanical properties for steel fasteners :
  All Bolts | astm, sae, & iso grade markings & mech.    
grinding, cut off and finishing discs (systems):
  Sait grinding & cut off wheels (excellant quality) Sait abrasive & cut off wheels catalog 2008  
  Sait Type 27 A24R 1/8" Cut-Off discs (ch ur grinder)    
  Sait Type 27 A24R 1/4" Grinding discs (ch ur grinder)    
  Walter flap disc distributers (I order 80 grit)    
  Walter all finishes and abrasives catalogues Walter 2010 full abrasives cat. desc.  
Walter / Grinding
Depressed center grinding wheels  
Walter / Blending
Flexcut flex grinding wheels  
Walter / Brushing
Saucer cup brushes  
Wire cup brushes  
Walter / Finishing
Blendex non-woven abrasives  
    Circular finishing system  
    Line finishing system  
    Twist finishing system  
  flap wheels /Waler (video)    
  fiber disc + rubber backing (video)    
  pneumatic (air) sander + foam disc back (video)    
patinas & metal finishes (applied via oxy/act rosebud tip & patina chemicals)
  Patina finishes, sealers & supplies    
  Patina demo (video)    
  Butchers Boston Polish (amber paste wax)