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Metamorphosis of a Bread loaf Trio

Metamorphosis of a Bread loaf

The concept behind these pieces was in regard to Catholicism and its ideologies and myth’s regarding bread. Inspired by “John the Baptist bone shards” that I saw in 1985 in Notre Damn, Paris. Bone shards were incased in a similar structure to what I created here. 

Catholicism has a beautifully elaborate mythology developed around icons, rituals and bread (communion).  In most all religions there are a vast amount of mythologies and rituals associated with what Joseph Campbell refers to as “living a mycological experience”.  All of this has always been interesting to me.

The Wonder bread loaf was locked in Plexiglas. It took several months to decompose because of the amount of preservatives (a funny metaphor for the ideas expressed Catholicism). In making a second version I encased Wonder bread into a silica shot mold and poured molten aluminum directly into the mold “immortalizing bread”. The end result was a beautiful cast of the original bread loaf. Then I encased a second loaf in the same manner after months of decomposition.

Demonstrating the Catholic mythology involving “the body of Christ” and self  “metamorphosis” a mythological experience that promises “everlasting of life”.