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Crusafix Detail


In “Crusafix,” the body of the cross represents puritanical religious organizations. The head a monitor displaying “white noise,” and were there should be a heart nothing.

All of the content is hidden in the groin area, which contained a photograph of me praying, a red Aids ribbon, a smashed crucifix and a piece of plexiglas with these words etched into it:

“ Bound by secrets, our families crossed traveling silent paths… my brother is falling”.




Powerful religious organizations when faced with the issue of aids demonstrated the power to help crucify and suffocate human life, rather than honor it. Thus, “Crusafix” rather than “Crucifix” became the title of this work.

“Crusafix” is a symbolic prayer for those who suffered and died during the height of the “Aids crisis”. I built “Crusafix” when I heard that my half brother had been diagnosed with Aids. “Crusafix” was my silent prayer for his life. In 2005 he also died. Our world is still struggling from this disease; the suffering in Africa is now at catastrophic levels.