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Arts Van Go

The 1st. NEA Exp.
Arts Grant granted for a mobile arts program
($60K/$20K annual)


Wilmington, DE.

Description: Grants administrator, program dir. & Instructor

I was a grant administrator for a $60K National Endowment for the Arts, Experimental Arts Grant (1990 to 1993), a $20K annually 3 year summer program and the development and implementation of the Arts Van Go, mobile arts program outreach of Christina Cultural Arts Center, Wilmington DE. It was the first experimental arts grant to be distributed by the NEA for a project of this nature. The van was donated by BOA.

The program served children in impoverished neighborhoods by bringing them a vibrant dance, literature, arts and public arts program. In addition I managed personnel, program budget, developed and organized the syllabi, designed and built the mobile arts studio and dance floor. I worked closely with arts, dance and English instructors to develop dynamic urban syllabi. In 1993 I worked as a consultant only.

This pilot program was so successful I was thanked by one of the NEA board members that voted for it as well the program was nationally duplicated.

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AVG video documentary

Real World Barcelona

NYC + London

Passage V1 (prototype)

SUNY Fredonia

Description: Project participant (PUI designer & builder)

Real World Barcelona was a Laurie Anderson, Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno Project. In 1991 after Laurie Anderson viewed my creative folio and dream blueprints she ask me to participate in Real World Barcelona (this first amusement park designed by new media artists) with a lot of my contemporaries.  Laurie challenged me to “dream the biggest I ever have” and submit proposals to this project.  The amusement was suppose to be an “experience park” instigated by Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno as a way of bringing contemporary artists to the masses.

In response in drafted 8 large scale, audio-visual, immersive, viewer interactive, experiences proposals (52 pages of blueprints and written text). I submitted the 8 Proposals to Laurie Anderson’s NYC studio were Peter Gabriel and Michael Morris “Real World Records” creative director reviewed them.  I chose one of the eight proposals named "Flight" and built a prototype called "Passage" that was exhibited at the DCCA contemporary and met with fantastic audio-visual, immersive, viewer interactive, experiences user feedback.

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Real World Barcelona (exerpt 18 of 48 pages)



A 1st x project of this nature

A US Sprint Grant Project that was later used in Sprint fiber optic promotions.

CA. , MO., DE.

Description: Project Collaborator East Coast Sector

US Sprint, Special Projects Grant, Ponline/Shoreline (a collaborate grants funded project) was concept of Matt Patulski, collaborative between Matt, Kristen Morse and myself. The project entailed the combining “live mice sounds” of both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, transmitting that signal through the Sprint fiber optic network that played live for 45 minutes for an audience of 200 at the Kansas City Art Institute campus in Kansas City, MO.

In charge of the East cost feed I assembled a crew, a permit from the then Mayor of Rehoboth, DE. Michael Feres (to secure 37,000 sq ft of beach and boardwalk areas) to isolate a 100’ recording area and run several hundred ft. of XLR cables. As well I had to obtain permission from the Atlantic Boardwalk Hotel to obtain usage of their communication lines.

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Brought both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean to a K.C. Mo. audience “live”.