Public SP Grants
Arts Van Go A $60,000 National Endowment for the Arts ($20,000 Annual NEA /Special Projects Grant Program)
Mobile Studio
MS dir.
M. dancefloor
M. df ass.
3 Neighborhoods
Citri proj.
C banner
C mural
Kingswood proj.
K mural
LACC proj.
LACC mural
AVG Rec.
Citri-Southbridge against drugs banner:

Citri-Southbridge was a neighborhood plagued by drug dealers. In fact on many occasions the children would share stories about dealers and the activities that they witnesses. At a certain point Citri-Southbridge asked us if we could come up with a unique banner for them to carry in the Wilmington parade.

Once the children made all of the sections Tiara Luciaga (my assistant teacher in 1991) sewed the banner together. Tiara is pictured holding the banner to the right.