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Silverman: Evolution of Identity
Description Corporate + Media Interests
Silverman Identity + The New Millennium
Silverman NYC Perf.
Silverman Texas Perf.


“Silverman” was a direct commentary of corporate “identity” and how our culture is absorbed into “myth” of power associated with these corporate “identities”. “Silverman the mark of the Millennium” was our own identity.

The performance in NYC was on Labor Day 1999; being a hot day when Greg was not performing he was busy trying to stay hydrated (drinking water). At times the audience thought that Silverman was a promotional device for various water companies (of the water bottles he was drinking). Because of this Greg started tearing the labels off the bottles.

Because of the amount of interest that we had as a result of the NYC performance in being approached by The New York Times, Vogue, Panasonic and being filmed by Channel 41 as well we had various invites to Berlin, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Greg and I started thinking more seriously about what we were doing and realizing the power of “Silverman” as a concept. We evaluated the first two performances taking into consideration people reactions in redesigning the concept.

Though we dispensed hundreds of business cards people were requesting shirts, hats or other types of “Silverman” paraphernalia. In essence it seemed like the audience wanted a direct marketing representation of “Silverman” itself to retain as a souvenir.

One way to counter this as well as the great amount of enthusiasm the audience had for the concept Greg came up with this brilliant idea of encasing a negative from a proof sheet in a 1 ¼” x 1” plastic bubble. The type of bubble commonly found in children’s candy dispensers. As well we could manufacture these in a large amount at minimal cost distribute them directly and over the web. Distributing an encased “film negative” keeps “Silverman” in that art world. However, we were considering going as far as we could with “identity” and co modification with “Silverman” seeing how much we could exploit it. As greater co modification of “Silverman” would become the greater artwork and defiantly “sign of the times” commentary.