Performance Projects
One: Interactive Stage Detail (Painting + (2) Short Wave Radios + Piano String Back Piano)
Pre-Performance (section1)
Performance (section2)
Staging interactive detail

One: Interactive Stage Detail

In “One”, the staging was splint into (2) sections a white and black. the White sector had (1) performer (in white), 20 1/2" stainless steel balls and a string backed piano. The black sector had (2) short wave radios and a 6’ H x 6’ W canvas. The division point was a horizontal 7’H x 7’W 100 lb. wooden frame. As I stepped through the wooden frame, I interrupted a laser beam activating (2) short wave radios (positioned to my left and right).

For the performance I travelled back and forth from the white to the black sectors
played the stringed piano (by dropping the 20 1/2" stainless steel balls on the strings) then walking through the wooden frame and painting the 6’ H x 6’ W canvas with black and white paint accompanied by the (2) short-wave radios.

The finishing of the painting de-marked the end of the performance. The image was intentionally not premeditated and was unscripted as well the painting action random. At the end, the painted canvas was hung revealing the word ‘ONE’. I then, tore the black and white suit off of my body. The performance was a comment on the lightness and darkness of the psyche and how it coexists in the consciousness and how this coexistence is human.

The photograph document the performance.