Performance Projects
Earthday: The Interactive Performance Rig

Earthday Interactive performance rig:

The diagram of the audio-visual system included (2) monitors (in a grass sod (as a cloak), (2) Video Decks (VHS tapes), (1) video camera (attached to the front of the rig to record the "live audience"), (1) electronic video switcher, (1) Honda generator, video cables and (8) performance harnesses (specially padded to help manage the 400 lb. structure).

The electric video switcher was built and programed to feed the "live audience" signal from the vide camera mounted to the front of the rig to the (2) monitors every .05 seconds. The VHS imagery played on the (2) monitors pertained to environmental hazards that we seamlessly coexist with on a daily basis.

Bye theoretically bringing the viewer into the monitor to splice into the imagery we were attempting to shed light on the issue of personal responsibility promoting change, and that we as individuals are responsible for that "change".