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Flying bicycle

Moving the Interactive keyboard:

Basically the concept behind the use of the board is more about being a midi controller than anything else. Being that I had a very heavy 1970s Roland keyboard I had to design an elaborate dolly system so the bike leavers could reach all the piano keys. I used 26 bike rims to make it easier to maneuver the keyboard.


Controlling the Midi Signal/video feed via the break leavers:

The handlebars are 42” from the ground and constructed out of 3/4" steel pipe, and sleeved into a steel base. The handlebar also has 3 sets of brakes (6 units).

The Roland keyboard had poly-touch keys as the keys are depressed the more the weight the increased signal. Therefore, when the keys are pressed the video feed will be effected as well as video rate, alpha channel, pixilation, saturation and scale.


Close up breaking leaver.
Full handle bar.

"The mechanical fingers" playing piano keys:

The piano keys also have a certain amount of tension so to counter that I had to construct the  “mechanical fingers” using a combination of weights and springs (using bolts, 3” washers and paired springs. As well the break levers can be fine tune adjusted for tension as well the turnbuckles on the 1/16”cable.

One of the paired bolt fingers
Paired action strikes
One of the paired mallets


Close up of the break leavers.