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Flying bicycle


The Flying Bicycle:

The first real challenge was to build a bicycle with 6-rear wheel that would be safe, secure and support Liz. The support frame was constructed out of 1/4" 2" steel angle. The 6 wheel rear assembly was welded to a 1/2" steel rod. (using washers and  4 1/2" hex head bolts). To drive the 6 wheel axle welded a 3 1/2" diameter hub to the ½” in the center of the axle. To drive the axle I sleeved (7) 27" rubber tubes in two mountain bike rubber tubes constructing a hugh rubber band allowing for flexibility and traction.

The rubber drive also makes it possible to get wobbles and shakes which automatically contributes to the "Buster Keaton /whimsical" narrative.



Assembling the bicycle

Detail of the washer hex bolt hub.
The angle iron support frame.
Building and discarding the axle.

The finished bicycle

Ready to ride.
The rubber tired drive and axle hub.
Rear axle bolts into the support frame.