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Romantica Complicato (Concept)


"In a city ruled by desire their remains one burning ember that of love and a journey of a thousand miles to find that vision of paradise.  Once found the complicated journey from the mind to the heart begins, welcome to Romantica Complicato and the politics of love."

As our culture evolves into the 21st century the ways that one might find a soul mate seem to become more complicated as there is a greater attempt to balance life.  As a result the “quest for love” seems to broaden.  To the point that a 100 mile bike ride might be a solution or getting involved in various marathons in different cities. These are true events that I thought were more than coincidental. That in our contemporary American culture people are going to greater lengths to merit "love". However, when the dance of love starts there are a series of events that take place due to the delicate balances in nature.

Our world is defined on a daily basis within the "masculine" and " feminine" forces. The masculine force associated with war, conquest, domination, disassociation, strength, fire, destruction, penetration and sees the world” objectively". The feminine force is associated with radiance, intuition, introspection, and passivity, receptive, as well sees nature as ideal and archetypical. The earth is the source of all physical life.

In the last few centuries these forces have melded. In our contemporary society these roles have become less defined. As well, this has politically become more acceptable and in some cases expected. A perfect example is the term ”politically correct" a term that slants towards a "female " viewpoint. Example:

The fleecing of the lands to produce oil and goods in exchange for the destruction of the earth in lew of immediate monetary gain could be considered a "masculine stance". Preservation of the lands through changing the way we utilize our resources, while inflicting minimal damage to ensure future fruitful gains could be considered a "feminine stance".

At the center of both the masculine and feminine energy is a polarity. The funny thing it is these polarities are what originally attracts the two opposing force. Conflicts in the "masculine" and "feminine" take shape (in our everyday lives) when one force expects the other to yield, especially in relationships and perspective viewpoint. As a result the art of a passionate relationship can be defined as "floral combat" and it’s from this place that Romantica Complicato begins.