Interactive Projects
Passage3 User Experience + PUI Interface + 3 DLP Screens
P3 Concept
P3 Historical Context
P3 Structure
P3 PUI + User Experience Demo
P3 G5 Prototype + 3DLP Screen Demos
P3 3DLP Composite Demos
Passage3 the Interactive Experience:

The viewer enters structure through the rear (heavy red velvet) curtain. Once the viewer enters Passage3 the interior is lighted so they can see the chair/wedge and interactive keypad.

Once entering the chair the viewer activates the keypad starting the visuals and dimming the light. The interactive keypad as it will appear will be lighted from above. The keypad has 16 audio-visual files matched to each key on the keypad. The red button at the base of the keypad is an emergency stop switch. The stop switch terminates all audio-visual operation and brings up the light.

The chair/wedge is designed to accommodate the viewer with adequate support. Once the video file is selected the viewer can relax back into the support chair and watch the video on three HD DLP cubes (simultaneously). To stop or change the audio-visuals all the viewer selects a different number on the keypad and a new audio-visual file is activated.

When the viewer is finished they stop the visuals by activating the stop key (on the keypad) the HD DLP cubes go blue and the room lights are cued leaving the viewer the ability to exit Passage3 safely.

Facing interactive keypad.
Keypad (16 button) interface.
Viewer participant activating keypad.
Video imagery active on HD DLP cubes.
Viewer relaxing in Passage3.