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Real World Barcelona - An Interactive Theme Park (A Laurie Anderson, Peter Gabriel And Brian Eno project)
RWB Peter Gabriel & Eno
8 RWB Proposals
Evol. of Passage I & II
Passage prototype | DCCA
Passage Interactivity Demo | DCCA
Passage Proposal | DCCA
Passage and Passage2 evolved out of “Flight” one of the "Real World Barcelona Proposals".

One of the eight Real World Barcelona proposals was "Flight" a large scale, audio-visual experiences from which Passage2 and Passage evolved. In 1992 I Built “Passage” a viewer interactive ride that altered brainwaves as a prototype for "Flight". “Passage” was exhibited at The Delaware Center of Contemporary Art and was incredibly successful.

I started drawing out Passage2, In 1992 and more formally in1996.  Additionally I started drafting out Passage Versions I-IV. In 1996 the Real World Barcelona project culminated for various reasons though land was acquired from the city of Barcelona for the project. In 2004 I started building Passage2 while being a dual fellow with both Mark DiSuvero's (Athena Foundation) and NYU's ITP program.

Passage Versions I - IV (excerpt) PDF
The "Flight" proposal evolved into Passage.
Passage PDF (excerpt)